About SamsTennis Blog

Hello and welcome to the SamsTennis Blog site.
My name is Sam Langley. I am a Professional Tennis Coach residing in beautiful San Diego, California. I have been coaching tennis players for more than 30 years and have been fortunate to have had numerous successful students at all levels including Collegiate and ATP/WTA tour professionals. Since the birth of my children Jason and Anique in 1995, I lost the urge to travel on the pro tour, constantly being home sick for my family. I decided to inject my efforts into recreational players and aspiring juniors. During the past 15 years we have enjoyed many wonderful accomplishments together, from personal bests and league play to state, regional, national and even international championship titles. I am extremely proud of all my students, their desire and effort keep me enthusiastic and passionate to always give them my best. I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve them and watch them grow as tennis players and inspired, healthy individuals. I have dedicated this site to them and others, for their continued enjoyment and enlightenment in the great game of tennis and other worthy endeavors toward excellence.

This blog site has been developed to answer all your tennis related questions. The Q&A pages are designated to topics such as: Stroke Technique, Strategy, Mental Toughness, Tennis Specific Conditioning, Nutrition and Equipment. Please feel free to peruse the site, ask questions and enjoy learning about the great game of tennis. I look forward to imparting all of the tennis knowledge I have acquired over the years and hopefully we will all learn something. You may also enjoy my web page SamsTennis.com where I use video tools and instruction to better guide my students. You will find many insightful tips there as well. Enjoy!

Coach Sam Langley